More video for insomniacs

I could watch my koi swim around for hours. The little koi are fun to watch but they move too fast.  The bigger koi in the large pond tend to swim around more slowly. They have finally gotten on with the program of showing up to one spot and hanging around to eat, even when someone is there. Of course we had to withhold food for two days….In the video you can see Cha Cha who was mostly dead at the end of winter.  Cha Cha’s fins are still continuing to grow out – Tony said he swims a little spastically…true. So if you’re looking for something to lull you to sleep, check out the 2 minute video below: 

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that even though I tumbled into a large hole on Sunday, a little ice took care of my knee and I’m doing fine. Tony had been digging a rather large hole for the new filtration system and a thunderstorm was in the forecast. We covered the hole with some wood and a tarp and I miscalculated the edge of the pit. Just like the jungle tiger traps, I fell in. Maybe it was the muddy dirt that I slipped on. It’s a miracle that we haven’t actually had any major injuries building these ponds the last two years. So here I am after the fall on Sunday and a re-enactment on Monday. falling in a hole