First Day of Summer

Good day on the farm today. Our local koi friends helped us set up the new indoor pool for the koi. It was quick and easy with the extra hands. The pond builder is planning to get this pool going over the next two weeks so that our koi can be relocated in July. This pool is much larger than our other indoor pools and takes up a lot of space in the garage. Hopefully our koi will not be spending too many months in the garage.

Back in Little Siberia, we moved our southbound koi outside. We were originally planning to just leave them in the indoor pool but thought they would like a last swim in the upper pond. Most of them were easy to catch but there’s always one trouble maker. The smallest koi decided to leap from the net and hit the concrete floor. Seems okay…

the jumper

We will be the host for a small koi event on the farm at the end of July. Our local club, ZNA Carolina would like to have an in-person event after all the cancelled koi shows the last 18 months. We’re planning on a koi dealer on site to sell koi, a few educational seminars, food truck and just hang out time with the koi peeps. We are very much a large extended family. We have some koi judge friends flying in just for the weekend from California and Minnesota. I am a little concerned that it will be pretty hot and humid but maybe we’ll get lucky and have an overcast day.

Always something fun going on at the farm ☺️