Why blog about koi? Koi crazy? Maybe…

Most people seem to have a hobby or two. They are quite passionate about their interests and are fountains of knowledge willing to share every minute detail.

Well, I’m not an expert and my koi are quite average, pond grade specimens.  There are even a few goldfish thrown into the mix.  I never even thought about koi and koi ponds until the spring of 2011 when my husband asked “how about a decorative fish pond in our garden?”

I really wasn’t sure about it but perhaps my husband thought that since I am asian and love sushi – surely I would love a little koi pond? Turns out I really do love koi! This is what our first pond looked like: first pond

Two years later, after a lot of digging, hauling a few tons of rocks and unfortunately a number of accidental koi deaths…we have a pond and waterfall that we enjoy very much.  image

This year my husband and I will be building a larger pond in the backyard and thought it would be fun to get ideas and opinions from anyone who stops to read this blog. Building a pond is a process and pastime that we enjoy very much. (Someday there will probably be a moat around our home in Minnesota.)

I believe that any size koi pond can be satisfying to create and nurture. You don’t have to be an expert or buy show quality fish to have a pond that provides joy. There are lots of experts out there and many koi breeders and koi keepers are happy to share their knowledge with you. I always love seeing what everyone else is building  and doing with their koi. I hope you might share ideas, photos and videos.

Meanwhile I’ll be sharing with you our adventures (and misadventures) in keeping koi – come visit my blog koi koi any time!