2018 – Upper Pond version 5

This year is hopefully the last version of this pond. The pond builder was always annoyed by the pea gravel falling in the pond and decided a boardwalk around the pond would be better. Pond work has gone very slow this year due to weather, work and other obligations. Our koi finally moved back into an operational pond on July 24, 2018.
March 31, 2018 – it’s still winter in Little Siberia
Breaking up ice in April
April 21 – it snowed a few days ago
Lots of work to do
Concrete edging, pour 1 of 2
Interior of pond reshaped to have more vertical walls.
Old bottom drains switched to aerated bottom drains, TPRs moved around.
Insulation boards attached under th eliner to create softer walls for the koi.
July 4, 2081
Ready to fill
Finally filled with water, had to replace the RDF due to some cracks in the shell
July 24 the koi were moved in, working on landscaping and trex boardwalk
Moving bed filter in the large black cylindrical tank and new profidrum since the old one developed a crack in the shell.
the filtration house is looking neater – pipework to the three aerated bottom drains and skimmer
7.29.2018 getting the trex down
side boardwalks are finished – hoping to have had them done before our Koi Show guests but life often interferes
pouring more concrete to create a larger trex area on the end of the pond
2018 09-03 mnkoilady 1
9.3.2018 Today was a good day to go on the roof and take a few photos of the ponds. We changed the color of the footbridge to a dark black-brown. There are now 14 koi in the upper pond since the lower pond felt crowded. I moved another showa and kohaku. Both koi are 21+ inches.
2018 09-03 mnkoilady 2
Another view of the upper pond.