Pond Building by the Year

I don’t think we’ll ever have a year where spring comes around and we just move our koi back out and enjoy the beautiful Minnesota Spring and Summer. Each sub page is a chronicle of our pond work for the year.

2011: We used two small preformed pond liners from the local hardware store. We lost a lot of pond grade koi.

2012: We created a pondless waterfall and used a larger preformed liner.

2013: We revisited the side lot and created the lower pond, fed by the waterfall.

2014: A lot of work this year – trees came down and the new upper pond was created. The lower pond was also reworked in total .

2015: The pond digger wanted a bigger upper pond so it was totally reworked and both ponds had rotary drum filters installed.

2016: This year we are beautifying the equipment pits, installing new skimmers, changing our moving bed filter, using new/larger pumps and having a shade feature built for the lower pond.