We live on a farm – about the hay fields

Under North Carolina laws, our property qualifies as a farm. About 25 acres of our land is used for growing hay. As long as the hay fields result in $1000.00 or more of product, we will qualify as an agricultural activity. It’s been an interesting lesson learning how this works.

Spring 2020

When we purchased our property in May 2020, the fields of hay looked very nice.

Summer 2020

The day before closing (July 2020), the hay cutter was just getting to our fields. Spring hay probably should have been cut a few weeks earlier.

hay field in September

Fall 2020

Hayfield in early October. Looking kind of scraggly. We believe the individual who takes care of our fields is coming out but it’s radio silence via phone or text 😩.
In late October, our original hay caretaker asked another local business if they could cut our fields.
Since I am easily amused, I loved watching all the cutting, fluffing and baling.
I was lucky to get this photo of hay bales in the field because this team was very quick. I went out the next day to take another photo and these were gone.
hay bale

Winter 2020-2021

We love driving around on the hay field during the winter.