Spring awakening and the hungry koi

It’s actually feeling like spring in Minnesota now. The fish are moving about the pond a great deal now, the old winter leaves are finally drying out and blowing everywhere, and I did see some tulips (most likely to be consumed by deer). I’m not sure if the koi are really hungry and someone posted on our upper midwest koi club Facebook page that we should not be tempted to feed the fish just yet.  If I hadn’t eaten anything since November, I’d be pretty hungry. Being the neophyte koi keeper, I’m open to a lot of ‘learning experiences” – I think my koi seem pretty hardy surviving a number of mistakes. I threw in some medium sized koi pellets that are good for autumn and spring feeding. Most of the koi remembered what food was – and of course the porky goldfish were the first to chow down. The pond is a little on the murky side because our waterfall/bio filter system is still frozen. We have a little makeshift filter system and plenty of oxygen for them. No one is doing the side stroke or the back stroke – so I think we’re good for a little while. I’ve ordered some pond plants online for the koi to destroy and provide some shade. I can’t wait to go to Koi Acres and find another koi or two to throw into this mix! Image


  1. johnk87 says:

    Hold off on the food until the water temp is up to 60… which with the snow won’t be for a while. They will eat it but can’t digest it.

  2. lorivertin says:

    Okay, I’ll shut the barn doors…Maybe the fat goldfish will go belly up – Our goldfish are kind of like cockroaches, they have survived everything! Can’t believe that it might snow again tonight in Minnetonka 😟

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