Moving the koi around

Between rainy weather and work (the pond digger’s day job is CEO of a company that manufactures soaps and detergents), we haven’t done a lot on the pond. Just a few things here and there, like more rocks down, finishing the gravel paths and moving some koi around.

We changed the names of two of our koi and moved themimage from the lower pond to the upper pond. Crazy Horse used to be named Chōshi and Red Cloud used to be known as Thumbprint and Sobakasu. Native American names sound right for Minnesota koi. In the small pond, these two fish would seem to rile up the rest and they were a very wacko lot. Any time the aerator was turned off, they would immediately go into their huddle.   So now they are little fish in the big pond and these two are swimming around with the big guys and not spazzing. image

The big koi spawning this year has resulted in four fry surviving. Two are orange and easily seen in the pond, while two are pond bottom color and very difficult to pick out. They are about 2.5 inches long now. Not sure what they’re eating but obviously thriving.. The photo below shows one of the koi fry in the lower third of the picture.   image