life in the upper pond….

We’ve managed to get the string algae somewhat under control. Two doses of algaecide has gotten rid of about 85% of the algae. The koi seem to like the algae so having a little in the pond is okay with me. Someone told me over the weekend that a layer of string algae in a pond is actually beneficial for the koi and water quality, hmmmm.

since Momo and Frank have left , the koi seem to follow the lead of Farm Boy, Ethel, T2 and Cha Cha at feeding time. They are all very good about racing to the feeding zone, but are not very hearty eaters. Buttercup and Tarzan rarely eat with the crowd. I think they eat a lot more algae.

The little fry in the pond are growing rapidly and every now and then, I’ll see one of the small orange koi fry swimming with the imagemimagebigger koi. I crush up some of the koi food and throw some into the pond everY few days. It seems like the crushed food is like crack cocaine for the big koi. Definitely an odd bunch in the pond.