The Pond Pyramid

I was a little behind the power curve and cold weather came in with some snow and very cold temperatures. The winter pond had a thick layer of ice on it by the time I finished my pond pyramid.  It ended up being made out of PVC piping and 8 mil sheeting. While it was on the ice, the lack of sun and low temperatures really didn’t do much to clear the area under the pyramid.IMG_3341   However, we’ve had a little warm spell today and I believe it was almost 50 degrees. We were able to take out the ice in the lower pond, much of it 6 inches thick. As we tooled around Menard’s, we found a pop-up greenhouse for $44 that could be used over the skimmer and above ground bio filter. The pond digger did a nice job cleaning up the ice and setting up the new greenhouse. He’s working at night because all activity stops while the Vikings are playing football…IMG_3342   I’ve been watching the koi from my window and they are still swimming around and generally stay under the pyramid. No one is floating or acting strangely so that’s a good sign. We have more frigid air coming in this week so we’ll see if the pond pyramid can keep open water under it as the ice reforms on the pond.  If it does, I know we’ll be able to do something similar on the upper pond next winter.


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