Taking a peek into the outdoor winter pond…

It’s warming up a little bit in Minnesota and today the highs are in the 30s. Indoor koi land has been smelling up our garage. So it was very nice to be able to do a really healthy water change and to wash out the filters. Garage smells 100% better. I threw in 6 pellets of Kenzen food into each koi tub the last two days.  Not sure who is eating, but the pellets have disappeared. The water indoors is about 52 degrees.

Outdoors we had moved the pyramid off and placed insulation pieces down. We decided to remove some of the insulation pieces and replace the pyramid back on the little pond.

Winter Pond 1-17-2015

We pumped some water out to do a water change and decided to throw the GoPro into the water to see how everyone was doing. We found one dead koi – Byakko. Not sure how long Byakko had been dead since there was no mold or fuzz on him. I did try to see if he could be revived by slow thaw indoors but he ended up in the fire pit by late afternoon. Four dead koi so far… we haven’t been doing too well this winter keeping our koi.

image   IMG_3142


Here’s a two minute video of the koi in the outdoor winter pond and the indoor koi. It’s a remedy for insomnia…