17 tosai arrive in Minnesota

We had a busy day with the new koi.  The pond digger has been doing a ton of work getting their new home ready. He decided to do a few modifications before they were released. Then he went to the hardware store and purchased a gazillion more pieces of things to re-do the filtration system for the 300 gallon tanks. (I think he actually enjoys rebuilding these different systems at least five times.) It’s been a bit chilly in the garage so the pond digger has had less than ideal conditions to work on indoor koi land.

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Everything was ready for the new arrivals:

mnkoilady3 mnkoilady4





The new group of tosai arrived pretty active and seemed to enjoy the trickle bar that the pond digger had set up. Unlike the other koi I have, these tosai like to swim around at the surface. We put up a net immediately because a few of them were trying to escape during the first hour. We will be letting them settle down and feed them tomorrow evening as long as their water has warmed up past 52 degrees.

Doitsu Kujaku
Doitsu Kujaku, named Jamocha
Kujaku, named Jamaica
Hiutsuri, named D’artagnon
Ginrin harawake and Shusui A (Shusui B is very difficult to photograph)
Ginrin harawake, named Phoebe… and Shusui A, named Chinook (Shusui B, named Coho, is very difficult to photograph)
Kikusui and Ginrin Platinum Ogon
Kikusui and Ginrin Platinum Ogon
Showa A on the left, Kohaku B on the right...the kohaku might end up being a goromo, sanke or showa
Showa A on the left and Kohaku B on the right
Kohaku A
Kohaku A
Showa B
Showa B, named Marius
Goshiki A, might possibly be a showa
Goshiki A, might possibly be a showa, named Athos
Goshiki B
Goshiki B, named Porthos
2015 Genkikoi  ginrin goshiki and doitsu kujaku
Ginrin Goshiki on the left,named Aramis… Doitsu Kujaku on the right, named Jamocha


Ginrin Harawake, Goshiki A,  Shiro Utsuri
Ginrin Harawake (named Phoebe), Goshiki A (named Athos), Shiro Utsuri (named Blackhawk)