the Lower Pond is open :-)

Another cloudy morning and a few sprinkles but we were able to start up the waterfall and filter system. By sunset, all eighteen tosai had moved out of the garage and into the lower pond

IMG_5267     IMG_5286     IMG_5275

We spent much of the day building up the edge of the pond and there are a few weekends ahead of where we will have to finish it off with a little concrete and overhanging river jacks. We slipped in some insulations pieces to give it a little better forms and to make it easier to shovel the heavy, wet clay into the sides.


Our pump is sounding a little noisy so we will be ordering a new one and keeping this one for a spare. Overall, the set up of this pond seemed to go much more smoothly. Maybe if we build a few more ponds we’ll have it down pat…

IMG_5234           IMG_5251