UV part 2

June 20 and June 23 - pond difference with UV light
June 20 and June 23 – pond difference with UV light

We’re finally seeing clearer water in both ponds. The UV lights had a lot of floating algae to take care of, and the sunny weather wasn’t helping. Now we can see down to the bottom drains (6 feet deep) and the smaller koi in the upper pond can no longer hide in the murky water. The pond digger saw a blue heron next to the pond yesterday morning but the sides are too steep for it to step in and fish for koi. Of course if an unsuspecting koi swims along the surface, next to the edge, it could be speared for lunch 🙁

Landscaping is pretty much the focus for the next two months. We’re still trying to decide how to effectively hide the equipment pits in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I’m sure we’ll be getting a few rolls of sod to cover some of the area while we decide on a plan.

The Upper Midwest Koi Club’s annual koi show is only a few weeks away. While I will be working the show, I will not be showing any of my koi. I don’t think any of them are really ready to be shown and it’s stressful for the koi and for me to show the koi. I also want to look around for another koi or two to grow for next year. I guess I’m the type of koi keeper that likes to watch the koi swim around while I have a meal or tea next to the pond.