Summer is winding down

We’re getting to the end of summer and while we have some unfinished projects, we have finished some more landscaping around the ponds. The weeding is endless and the decks still need to be built. The koi continue to eat very well and still have a good appetite with the warm weather. They seem to have settled down after we split the, into two groups. The lower pond is now home to koi who will be auctioned off in about two and a half weeks. The upper pond is home to the koi who will winter with us. I just bought a new koi that is living in a mud pond at Koi Acres in Scandia, MN. I’ll be able to see her this October.

Going to the auction:


I’m very excited to see the koi in the mud pond. She’s a shiro utsuri from the Godzilla line. I haven’t named her yet but she’ll probably get a Japanese name. She will join our pond next summer unless we think she’s a good candidate for another year in the mud ponds. I only have photos the breeder took when she was about 11 inches long. The last recorded size on her was just over 17 inches.