Getting ready for winter

The pond digger ordered a 12′ diameter pool for the winter and it should be delivered tomorrow. We are setting up a little pond in the third bay of the garage for twenty koi. Six of the koi are 20 to 24 inches; ten range from 10 to 18 inches; and four are about 7 inches. Our garage is unheated so the water temperature does get quite cold but I like the idea that we can keep an eye on our koi and intervene if necessary. We’ll be hooking up a bead filter and possibly a bottom drain. We have about 6 more weeks left to work on this project and get the filter system working.
2015-2016 Winter Koi home, 12' diameter pool. The koi on the floor is 20" long.
2015-2016 Winter Koi home, 12′ diameter pool. The koi on the floor is 20″ long.