Proper footwear is important…

Koi keeping can be dangerous. Particularly if you are wearing leather dress shoes around the equipment pit and decide to fiddle with one little thing before work. Normally the pond digger hops over the pipes with ease. Two weeks ago he missed his footing and luckily we had no broken legs, torn knees or nasty concussion. He did end up with a broken floating rib on his back…should heal in a few weeks.

Luckily, winter has arrived and there is very little to do with the ponds for the next few months. We’ll be pulling the pumps this weekend since the temperatures have been heading south.



Meanwhile the koi are doing great indoors. The water temperature is around 65 degrees and they’ve found the warm spot of the 12′ pool. The continuous drip system runs 50 to 100 gallons of warm water a day into the pool (changing 2-3% of the water daily). The water that drips in is hot water. The koi seem to jockey for positions to be right under the dripping water. The larger koi are winning.