Another day in the garden

Lots of work still going around the equipment pit. The pond digger has undone some of the old concrete and poured some new concrete to accommodate the moving bed filter in a different spot. Since the equipment area is going to be a busy zone, we dug up the plants. The pond digger tries to be very careful but moving 30 x 60 pound bags of concrete uphill is tiring. Maneuvering around the plants becomes a little obstacle course…and a few always get stepped on  🙁  Digging up the plants is always a little problematic because I often forget to water them. So today I decided to use the plants to make a little corner garden.
A new little corner garden.
A new little corner garden.
Hard to ignore the equipment pits but concentrating on improving other garden areas is nice.
Hard to ignore the equipment pits but concentrating on improving other garden areas is nice.
Another fun thing we did today was to play with the koi. We bowled most of them to take a closer look. Most of them seem pretty relaxed and healthy. The pond digger changed out the weighted air hoses to an aerator on top of the retro bottom drain. Since the temperature of the water is warmer, moving more water is really not a problem for the koi. We certainly need more movement to keep up with the increased waste. image   The pond digger has also been busy making some weights for the upper pond diffusers. Note it required the use of concrete – the love affair with concrete continues.
More concrete play...
More concrete play…
At the end of the day, a wild turkey came by to check out our work 😉 image  



  1. kraftykoi says:

    Great blog Lori, love all the photos of your garden and set up! Just started following.

    1. lorivertin says:

      Thank you – I actually prefer to take photos of the koi but their indoor quarters are kind of boring. You can find me on instagram as well at lorivertin

    2. lorivertin says:

      By the way – you might want to check out some of our older pond work in 2011, 2012, et al. I’ve actually documented the MANY mistakes we have made creating koi ponds. Good thing my husband/pond digger doesn’t mind re-doing projects. We’re just hoping that if someone reads about our mistakes, they won’t make it themselves! 🙂

      1. kraftykoi says:

        I’ve had a look back through. You guys have really come a long way from your first pond, what a change in scale! Lots of good tips in your summary too, I’d agree. p.s. I paused a moment to remember Pinto, this did make me chuckle: “We had to take Pinto out of the pond and he now lives in our compost pile :(“

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