Super, unlucky

Now that the ponds were netted, I was reasonably confidant that I should not have too many more issues. The water parameters in the lower pond are perfect…and the upper pond is cycling to norm. Yes we lost a few koi but things happen. I’m convinced some koi are like children – if they can find a way to get into trouble they will. Once again the troublesome koi is Super.

Here is a little gap in the pond netting near the helix skimmer.

About 12" wide and 28" long
About 12″ wide and 28″ long

Somehow, Super was able to jump or swim on to the top side of the pond netting. He must have struggled for awhile since his fins were pretty ragged. Luckily for Super, he’s pretty heavy and his weight caused some of the stakes to pull loose. This allowed him to sit in the water with his gills covered until I came home from work. Here he is, stressed out and stuck in the net.

Super is now looking a little less stressed and swimming around with the rest of the koi. Who knows how long it will take his fins to heal…maybe years!