Sunday gardening

Another pleasant day outside working on smaller garden projects. So far this weekend, the pond digger has redone a portion of the fence sections, cleaned up/recycled old pond liner, cleaned up the wood scrap pile, spread at least 15 bags of pea gravel, replanted a number of plants for me and made a grape vine trellis support. I have been thinning out hosta and pulling plants that have grown too much. The pond digger puts a lot of items at the end of our driveway with a “FREE” sign and someone always takes the stuff. So I spent much of the weekend putting plants at the bottom of the driveway…they were all taken by different neighbors.

The lower pond stays shady for a longer period in the morning. I’m hoping this will keep the water cooler for the koi. The shade should also slow down the growth of algae. We still have a few hours with a lot of sun but there is always a shaded section somewhere in the pond.

The lower pond's shade feature in the morning.
The lower pond’s shade feature in the morning.

Last year, I bought some daylilies at the Minnesota DayLily Society’s annual sale. Not really sure what kind it is but it’s a beautiful color. It’s too bad the daylilies that are prettier seem to be slower at growing clumps.

New day lily is blooming.
New day lily is blooming.

Meanwhile, the hosta, snow on the mountains, ajuga and lanium have been growing out of control. I had to thin some of the hosta covering up evergreens and divide some of the larger clumps. It’s always a good time to move hosta and grass around to give the area a new look. Hoping to finish it tomorrow, here’s the work in progress:

Taming the plants and weeds.
Taming the plants and weeds.

We’ve been thinking about different options to cover or screen the lower pond filtration equipment pit. We’re going to go for plants screening the equipment. We found some grapes and created a little trellis, primarily on one side of the pit. The plants already have some grapes and we’re hoping the deer, rabbits, and birds will leave some for us.

Grape Frontenac and Grape Frontenac Gris -  hopefully not bunny breakfast.
Grape Frontenac and Grape Frontenac Gris – hopefully not bunny breakfast.

The pace of work is allows for some fun time. So I spent a little time filming the koi under water. GoPro video of the koi today:

Hungry koi…as soon as they see someone, they’re right up at the edge of the pond:

Another day of hanging out in the yard with the pond digger tomorrow – Happy 4th of July 🙂