Checking Tosai & Tearing Down a Shed

We have a little more time to do some fun stuff with the koi. The upper pond koi are growing before our eyes and eating a ton of food. Everyone except Nora. I think Nora is my vegan koi – she is always eating algae and doesn’t really seem to care for the koi food that everyone else scarfs down. The koi in the lower pond are super piglets and always ready to eat. As soon as they see you next to the pond, they gather at the edge and you can hear them smacking their mouths. Their growth has been pretty impressive as well. We took all of them out of the pond on Friday night to get a closer look and measure them. Most of them have grown at least two inches, some a little more. Some of them have gotten quite fat as well.
the "little" koi  ;-)
the “little” koi πŸ˜‰
Chip, the growout sanke is pretty typical of the tosai in the lower pond. You can see in the photo how much Chip has changed in just over 8 weeks.
Chip the Growout Sanke
Chip the Growout Sanke
It was nice to film them out of the pond because their colors are much more defined in a blue bowl (or in this case, vat). Here’s a little video of the tosai:
We spent most of the weekend piling up rocks in the back forty and cleaning out the old shed. We ordered a new shed on Thursday night and it’s in production now. It should be ready to deliver mid-August. It’s a wood exterior, cedar color-ish with black trim, a double door with transom window on one end and three windows on the side. It’s a good size for all of our gardening stuff at 12′ x 16′. Sunday, the pond digger became demolition guy. We had a little problem since I didn’t want the shed to come down on my carefully stacked wood. The shed fell on my raspberry patch. About half of the canes had to be removed but I’m expecting plenty of raspberries in a few weeks.
The old shed comes down...
The old shed comes down…
A trimmer raspberry patch - this fall it will move to another part of the yard.
A trimmer raspberry patch – this fall it will move to another part of the yard.
The old shed is gone :-)
The old shed is gone πŸ™‚
So another weekend has flown by – heat wave coming this week in Minnesota – I’m sure the koi will be even hungrier!