Trust a rabbit to damage your landscaping

I have always thought that rabbits and deer did not really like evergreens like pine trees and shrubs. Not sure if I read it somewhere or just made it up. This winter, the rabbit handiwork is very clear. Little bunny prints all around the trees and lower branches nibbled. We have even seen a few fat rabbits scampering in and out of our filtration equipment house. We have it weatherproofed to keep the equipment from freezing and I’m sure there are many furry creatures enjoying the warmth. The pond digger will be putting on his Elmer Fudd hat to take care of these pests.

The deer have been walking through the yard regularly this winter but have not done as much damage. In the past they have nibbled many shrubs down to one inch nubs. We have always had food out for the animals in the winter but this past summer we gave up on free food. My little furry pests inevitably nibble the most expensive plants in the yard and they really are just not cute any more.

Bunny damage...
Bunny damage…

Indoors, nothing new is going on. The grow lights are back on and the pond digger decided to cover a portion of the pool. An uneventful winter pool is good. Everyone is staying alive and looking good. Halfway through winter quarters…hoping for an early spring so we can get them out sooner! When it’s boring like this, it’s time to think about new koi for the spring. I’m hoping to purchase something nice from Japan this spring.

Back to binge watching something on Netflix 🙂