Spring is trying to get here

We’ve had some warmer weather and it’s tempting to say that winter is over. Of course the minute you think that, it snows the next day. We’ve had some strange swings of temperature but nothing long enough to get back to work outside. The pond areas look pretty dreary: IMG_2269   The pond digger is itching to get back to work and he has a lot of digging ahead. He spent a few minutes moving some mud around this weekend. We have a new rotary drum filter coming in this spring. It’s another profidrum called CombiBio 30. Pictures when it shows up some day… IMG_2267 The koi indoors are doing very well. THey are a lot hungrier now and can often be found lurking around the near end. They’re also a little bolder around people and the camera.
In a few weeks we should be able to really get outside and start getting the upper pond ready for the koi. All of the koi will have to live in the upper pond until the new lower pond is finished. There’s still a lot of work left to do on the lower pond. Lining, hooking up the combibio drum and many other things will fill the weekends. Another page to add to my website! As for koi, I’m trying to limit my purchases. It’s difficult because dealers will post cute little tosai and you think “what’s a hundred dollars???” Cheap but generally not worth it – buying a lottery ticket is more practical. There’s still plenty of more months to buy some new koi. Stay tuned for more impulse buys…