Grey Poupon

Today we picked up a new koi at the airport from Kevin Pham / Genki Nishikigoi, San Jose, CA. It’s a new variety from Oyama koi farm called Kaede. Our new koi is white with a bright, golden yellow pattern. Actually the yellow is almost orange but not. The white is not the bright white that you would find on a shiro… it’s a darker white. Very different and pretty.

When Kevin Pham sent us a little message about this koi – we liked the idea of having a koi that was relatively unknown in the United States. I browsed through the internet and saw some dutch videos made in late 2016 at Oyama koi farm. Nothing in English so I made do with Google translation of the youtube descriptions. The kaede tosai starts out white with just a little bit of color. The pattern must come up some time over year one and year two. Not much else to say about this kind of koi – brand new territory 🙂

Before the koi arrived, I had decided on the name Grey Poupon for this koi. Now that it’s here, I think I may have to change its name to Orange Marmalade.


Here’s the dutch video about the Kaede variety: