Summer around the koi pond

When you are done with the bulk of pond building tasks, it feels like you have your weekends back. Pond builder and I went out for bike rides, out to eat and just tooled around.

GoPro5 makes underwater filming so much easier!

I spent some time filming with my new GoPro5. It is the best GoPro so far (I’ve been using the Hero Black earlier). The camera has a screen on the back so you can actually see what you’re filming. In the past it was a little hit or miss and you would just have to edit the blank areas of the video. It seems to take photos better too.

Underwater still photo with the GoPro5

The pond builder did a variety of unrelated pond tasks. We moved around the air, moved some of the furniture around the pond and moved the auto feeder closer to the pond surface.

Moving furniture around…

The koi cafe feeds 5x daily and right now I have a mixture of sinking and floating food so that everyone gets something. Some of the koi are more adept than others at eating food at the surface. I have one koi that will often “miss” if she turns right to eat surface food. Kind of like Zoolander…each koi displays a specific temperament when it comes to eating. The auto feeder’s programmer can be switched out to a 24x daily cycle. It’s an accessory and we found that Kevin Pham of Genkikoi does sell the additional programmer element. Less than $150 and a good investment for anyone who can’t stay home all day feeding koi.

One of the more interesting things the pond builder did was to light up the equipment house. He has electrical wire pulled from the house but has not wired it completely. He started that project and came up with a lighting solution for something I have been bugging him about. The white lights were nice but way too bright for the equipment house at night. He found a five watt yellow bulb that gives the equipment house the glow I was looking for at night. He also has the white lights for those times that you need better visibility of the equipment. The yellow light is on an automatic timer and I’m pleased with the effect. We haven’t found the right pond lights for the upper pond and we’re not sure if we love what’s in the lower pond. It’s never really “done” around the pond.

Each night our equipment house lights up from 8pm to 1am