The Winter Koi Pool is Open

We have been way behind schedule getting our koi into the garage this year. Life gets kind of busy and we decided we just didn’t have time to create a greenhouse structure over the lower pond this year. So we decided to set up the winter pool again. Unfortunately we had to wait until late October to have two of our bays resurfaced. As soon as that was completed, the pond digger started putting the system together.

Setting up a new RDF for the winter pool

We had a few little problems with the pool from last year…little holes which required draining the pool a little and fixing holes underwater. Boxer Adhesives Vinyl Repair Kit works pretty well. We also put on some of the glue that you can use to hold EPDM pieces together.

the pool takes forever to fill – and even longer when you find a few holes that need to be patched and you have to drop the water level….

While I waited for the pond digger to finish up today, I winterized some of the garden. I have purchased a lot of perennial plants and evergreens. The latter I would have thought I could leave uncovered all winter and enjoy their green color. Not so in Little Siberia – the deer and rabbits seem to nibble on a number of “deer resistant” plants.

Spent most of the morning covering plants
Many plants get covered to discourage rabbits and deer
Finally we can start bringing the koi in – we float the koi since there is a ten degree difference.

We started bringing the koi in around 3:00 pm. It was about 35 degrees outside and not too bad. A few hours later, the pond builder is bringing in koi and carefully stepping on patches of ice on the wooden decking around the lower pond. I did manage to take photos of all the koi and realized the only one I didn’t get was the karashigoi. I took a photo of him last month so I’ll just use that photo again. Here’s who has come into the winter pool this year – crossing my fingers that all will make it through the winter.

Mio, Taniguchi, about 26-27″ (GenkiKoi)
Mayhem, Marudo, about 25″ (Koi Acres auction)
Chuck Norris, about 20-21″ (Koi Acres)
Akachan, 14-15″ (Koi Acres), Lola, Beppu, kuchibeni, 12″ (Mystic Koi)
Lavinia, kuchibeni from Koi Acres about 19″ – Maki, Matsue, about 16″ (Mystic Koi)
Natsumi, Omosako, about 26-27″ (Koi Acres)
Miyu, Omosako, 28″ (GenkiKoi)
Lily, Omosako, 26″ (Koi Acres)
Sumiko, Omosako, 21″ (GenkiKoi)
Genius, about 12″ (Koi Acres) and Billy the Kid, Omosako, 16-17″ (GenkiKoi)
Lone Ranger, Otsuka, 21″ (GenkiKoi)
Woodrow (top) and Augustus (bottom) – both 23″, October 2017

Woodrow was rehomed to a friend – we’re going to check out who does a better job of growing out the karashigoi next summer.

Grey Poupon, Kaede, about 21″ (GenkiKoi)
Manolete, Omosako, 14-15″ (Koi Acres Auction)
Nariko, Kanno, 24″ (Koi Acres auction)
Saul, Omosako, about 14″ (Koi Acres) – Jane, about 12″ (Koi Acres)
Irene, about 25-26″ (Koi Acres)
Abbott, Taniguchi, about 18″ (GenkiKoi)
Biggy, Omosako, about 20″, Ziggy, Koda, about 14″ (Mystic Koi)
No name kuchibenis – the large Matsue Showa was rehomed to me and the two little kuchibeni sanke are from Koi Acres
Poppy, Oya, about 30″ (Koi Acres auction)
The winter pool always looks so nice on the first day…

I’ll be spending some time blogging about each koi over the next few weeks. Meanwhile the pond builder will be enjoying new projects like building an indoor bakki shower and other random cool stuff. The garage heater will allow him to work in comfort out there all weekend 🤣. We do have to winterize the outdoor ponds – hopefully next weekend will not be too chilly.

So here are the koi swimming around their 2017-2018 winter home. I’m relieved they are indoors since we have some snow coming our way this week. Water temperature is 55 and will head up after our new garage heater gets installed later this week.The best part of having them in the garage is that you can see them up close and you don’t have to walk too far!