“keep an eye on me in case I pass out”

This is one of the amusing texts that I get from the pond builder. The last four weekends he has moved a lot of sand out of the upper pond, poured a lot of concrete, put in three new bottom drains, reshaped the pond walls to give us at least another 1000 gallons or more. The end result has been pretty amazing. I usually don’t get too excited about pond work in progress but this is really awesome.


In addition to working on the upper pond, the pond builder had time to do a few things for the lower pond and help me with my new dahlia garden. Moving rocks is not much fun but he’s pretty good at it now.

The dahlia garden is complete for now and all tubers have sprouted.
Pond builder had time to make and install a frame for my koi cafe.

The pond builder is a bundle of energy (until he sits in front of the TV 🤣). He has been loving having the ranger around to move stuff up and down our hill. Turns out the ranger might be staying at the house all summer.

The pond builder in the ranger reminds me of a doozer from Fragglerock.

Since our little PP adventure, the koi in the lower pond have gradually returned to normal. The PP treatment must have killed all of the good bacteria because our perfect water is now a little high on the nitrite side. We have had to do two very large water changes and the constant drip has been increased. We also moved a few of the koi out of the pond into the indoor quarantine pool. I’m anticipating almost perfect water in a week or two.

Post PP treatment
always hungry…

We also have cut back on some of the koi. Our club always has a koi auction in the spring and in the fall. It’s a fundraiser as well as a way to get some good koi deals. You have to expect a loss when you take your koi to the auction. I did sell one koi privately but also at a loss. Hopefully everyone is going to a good home.

We’re down a few koi, by choice. Always a good thing to move some koi along.

Next step is to get the remainder of the upper pond sprayed with concrete. This could be a little difficult with the summer construction season really cranked up.