Another Cute Budo Goromo

If you like your wine big, bold and red, chances are you want something made from the Nebbiolo grape. Earlier this week my newest koi, a budo goromo named Nebbiolo flew in from San Jose. Budo translates into grape. I’m hoping Nebbiolo will grow to be big and bold in the pond. This budo goromo was sourced from Kevin Pham, GenkiKoi. I might have seen her when I was in San Jose earlier this year, but I thought she was in a tank that had all sold koi. It’s always a good thing to ask the dealer at times if they have something in particular in the store. Nebbiolo is from Marujyu farm, 2 years old, a little over 17 inches and female πŸ‘πŸ»!
Budo Goromo, Nebbiolo, Marujyu Koi Farm, sourced through GenkiKoi
I feel a lot of koi keepers prefer the ai goromo over the budo goromo but a winey, dark robe on a white background is something I would like to see. The fun part of koi keeping is watching koi develop and enjoying a pond filled with different varieties. I still think an all shiro utsuri pond would be cool… This budo goromo will take some time to develop the darker reticulation around the scales. Some descriptions will call the look almost purplish. The pond builder has always wanted a purple koi (possibly because he’s a Vikings fan) and this might be the closest we’ll get to “purple”
close up of the budo goromo scales
Koi keeping can be described as ‘how to spend money without really trying.” I should really stop looking at the koi dealer pages. There are always so many wonderful looking koi for sale but you can only have a limited number of koi in your ponds. Unless you build more. The pond builder has said this is the last revision he’s doing on a pond and he will not be building any more ponds. You can always keep koi in Japan but that seems rather pricey and I do like to look at my koi in person. The final pond revision work has been plagued with bad weather but we finally have the liner IN the pond.
Hired some guys from the plant to help the pond builder move the liner. Good crew, worked in the rain and finished it up in less than 20 minutes! I wrote the liner weighed over a thousand pounds but it’s probably more like 250 to 300 pounds. Just seemed like half a ton…
First bottom drain cut into the liner
The pond builder loves to see new things related to koi pond maintenance. He saw a video an d photos posted by Mike Weynschenk of Southwest Koi & Goldfish on Facebook the other day. It was some filter media in the shape of 12″ x 12″ squares being compared to rod shaped ceramic media. The Rio media allows water to pass through and seems to have more nooks and crannies to grow beneficial bacteria. Needless to say, a rather large box appeared on our porch a few days later. Apparently I’ll be seeing a new bakki shower later this summer.
Rio media from Southwest koi and Goldfish
12″ x 12″ Rio media
The koi are patiently waiting for the upper pond to be finished. They are growing very well and always hungry. The kin ki utsuri is healing quickly: Typical weekend of yard work and pond work coming up. As long as the koi stay in the water, no predators lurking around and no one decides to sport some odd looking skin – we’re good. Maybe I’ll bowl a few for fun πŸ˜„