I bought a $10,000.00 koi

Not. Just thought it was an exciting title for a pretty bland blog post. Maybe when I win the lottery. Sidebar: there are many koi kichi types who regularly spend way more than $10K for a koi. More on that topic another day. Not much happening with my indoor koi.
Bead filters running smoothly and the UV light is keeping down some of the algae growth.
The rotary drum filter is working like a champ. Everyone is too big to swim into the aerated bottom drains.
active, curious…
and always looking hungry…They are on JPD Fuyufuji right now, high on wheat germ, easier to digest in the cooler weather. I have about 85 pounds of food, which should last me through the end of winter. I feel the shiroji on the koi is looking good (maybe it’s the grow lights…)
Outdoors, it’s just winter in Minnesota. Sadly, we do not have much snow on the ground. Not much going on outdoors either. The filtration equipment house was well insulated at the end of the season. The aerators are running, the filtration house is dry and we suspect that a rabbit or two may be calling it home.
The albino squirrel visited our yard yesterday.
This morning our backyard had about a dozen squirrels chasing each other around. Lots of outdoor squirrel sex.
I’m very excited to take a break from winter and head to the 2019 All Japan Nishikigoi Show in Tokyo. Ten more days until I fly! This blog post by Mark Gardner of Nishikigoi.life pretty much explains everything. There will be many people from the United States attending the All Japan Nishikigoi Show. My pond builder has to stay home and work, but there will be some people to pal around with in Japan. In fact they’re pretty smart koi types so I’ll have the bonus of learning a great deal as well. Another trip bonus is that the most expensive koi sold, 1.8M USD, might be competing. The 2017 Grand Champion could be champion again in 2019. Of course they say you judge on how the koi looks that day … but I’m sure it’s a little hard to ignore its reputation. I feel prepared for my trip – Green JR pass, PASMO card and extra cash from this fall, phone plan, portable WiFi ordered, disposable slippers, cool camera that the pond builder bought for me, extra SD cards…can’t get into too much trouble over one week.😂 I’ll be posting photos on my instagram accounts @mnkoilady (koi stuff) and @lorivertin (not koi stuff, well maybe some…)