Winter Makes an Appearance Again

Winter storm Wesley blew through the upper midwest a few days ago and dropped a few inches of snow.  The temperatures are warming up quickly so it’s not too miserable. Just a large number of sticks to pick up in the yard.

winter returned to Little Siberia – a little mood weather for the final season of Game of Thrones
Thursday, maybe 6-7 inches the first day


The koi are very much into eating again. Depending on the weather, some of the koi may be able to move back into the lower pond in two weeks.


This year’s little project. The ponds do not require any work except maintenance so we can finally get to the few eyesores in the garden.

Under the hill of pea gravel is the old bog filter we used when we created the lower pond in 2013. We used it for our waterfall until 2016 and then abandoned it. It became the eyesore that we would promise to do something about the following year.
Sunday, snow is melting and digging starts
crates used in the bog filter
a very smelly pit
We will be filling in the hole with dirt – not sure if it will be planted or if we’ll have a sitting area here.


The lower pond is now filled and running. We have many leaves and pine needles that need to clear out. While not yet ready for koi, it’s nice to see it looking like a pond again.

the lower pond is running – no koi yet…