the koi pond needs some Barry White

a very short post…. Summertime is here in Minnesota and we really have very little to do around the pond. Some of our female koi look a little egg bound so I thought I would move Billy the Kid to the upper pond to get a little spawning going. While we’re pretty sure Billy is a male, we thought it might be fun just to move all the koi to the upper pond for a week or two.

Along with moving all the koi together, we placed some spawning ropes into the pond. Our ponds are rock and plant free so we hope these ropes will mimic some vegetation. Soft and safe for the koi.

Two days and a very large water change – no spawning activity. Everyone looks pretty healthy otherwise so I thought I would film the crowd.  Here’s another insomnia curing video, four and a half minutes long…


This weekend, I planted a lot of lavender, rosemary and basil to discourage the hordes of mosquitoes that come out nightly. The pond builder is also out there regularly with his fogger. We actually spend a lot of time doing pest control – Japanese beetles, ants and wasps are the primary targets.

It’s nice to spend time in our little garden but I know the pond builder is a little antsy without a major project. Maybe we’ll have to find another place where he can put in a koi pond 😂!