Saying Goodbye to some koi

Autumn is here and we have about 6, possibly 8 more weeks weeks before the koi will have to move into the garage. The 2500 gallon pool is positioned in the garage and the pond builder is starting to gather the items needed for filtration. We’ll be setting up something similar to last year’s with a rotary drum filter, bead filter, water drip and anything else the pond builder dreams up.

Since our pool is about 700 gallons smaller than last year’s pool, we have been working hard to downsize our koi. Yesterday we said goodbye to Saul and Ziggy. A member of our koi club is their new owner and I am confident that they will be well cared for.

20” each

We also gave a 26” showa to a lovely couple that has a few other rehomed koi. Their pond is in the front yard and a neighborhood attraction for walkers and children. Irene is six years old, not too smart and very calm. She’s always the one swimming into the net when you’re trying to catch someone else. We’re a little sad to see her leave our pond but it’s good to know she will be loved.


The remaining seventeen koi are all in the upper pond. The net has been pulled over since the leaves are starting to fall.  Everyone is looking good and this winter they are all going on a diet. At a recent koi show, the head judge discussed his feeding regimen – just a handful of food, November through spring. Our koi tend to get bellies on them, so hopefully a different winter diet will produce more shapely koi. 😂

Trying to post this before the plane takes off –