Not sure who is happier – the pond builder, the koi or me…

The weather forecast in Minnesota is cooler days – high 30s during the days and mid to low 20s at night. Our koi have remained outdoors a little longer than we expected. Our new indoor pool had a few minor set backs and a little thing called work had the pond builder on an airplane most of the last two weeks. The pond builder worked very hard yesterday completing the indoor pool and this afternoon, we were able to bring in the koi.


The indoor pool consists of two bead filters…

2 bottom drains, skimmer, rain bar and lights…

a rotary drum filter and continuous fresh water drip.


The seventeen koi were pretty easy to catch today. The water temperature outside was around 46 degrees so the koi were slow and they actually seemed more relax. We have a process where we measure the koi, take a few happy snaps, float the koi  for a bit and then turn them loose. Each koi is about a ten minute turn around from the upper pond to floating; and then fifteen minutes before free swimming.

The koi activity level picked up immediately in the 56 degree water. In a few days the water temperatures should get closer to 62 degrees in the heated garage. The koi were behaving as if they wanted to be fed . Of course this winter they are on diets. Some of them look slimmer since they have not been eating for at least three weeks outside. Only a few nibbles.


Our koi growth has been modest this year.  Six of the koi grew at least 3 inches. Their fall length ranges from 18.5″ to 23.2″


Four of the koi grew at least 2 inches. Their fall lengths range from 18.9″ to 26.4″.


The one inch growers fall lengths range from 20″ to 27.2″


Then we have some  koi who are good eaters (except for akachan the kohaku) and very little length put on. The shiro utsuri koi fall length ranges from 22.8″ to 28.7″. The little kohaku has remained around 17″ since 2017.


Over the next few days, I’ll be looking at the photos I took a little more closely. I spend time comparing them to photos I took earlier and it’s always interesting to see development. Abbott, one of my showas, demonstrates some really nice beni (red) development. I am very excited to see if some more sumi (black) will come up on the back half of the koi. Some of the koi come in with a few issues like shimis but in general the crew looks very healthy.

Beni Development

Our asagi Jane has an unusual look, circles around her eyes. Jane is also a perfect example of koi that have accidents in the most visible spots. This summer she decided to squeeze into the skimmer of the lower pond and ended up with a missing scale. Now I am hoping that some day the missing scale on the leading top edge of scales  will come back. I feel that most of my koi have problems in the most eye catching spots. 😩

Next weekend we will be back outside winter proofing the pond equipment. Below is my handiwork to protect the lower pond equipment. The pond builder will pull the bead filter, pump and other small pieces. We will cover the remaining equipment by draping some 6 mil plastic sheeting over the frame. My Tinker Toy skills come in handy for this work 😂

Happy Halloween to all – here are my happy indoor koi…