If a tree falls in the forest

and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Hmmmm, do we really care? Depending on where it falls, there’s a major clean up involved. On Monday, a tree fell out of the forest line in our smallest hayfield.

Our forest in this area is filled with a number of trees that are at unusual angles (translation – dangerous for people who wish to stroll through the woods). There are also a number of standing dead trees waiting to fall. We set to work cleaning up the fallen tree and tidying up the southern edge of this hayfield. We went a little crazy and decided to tackle a number of standing dead trees. I think the pond builder took down 5 trees and took care of two very large trees that looked like a giant “X” in the forest.

The tree that came down on Monday bent two black walnut trees over. We’re going to see if the trees will straighten up by themselves.

The end result after two days was a clearer area for the remaining trees to grow. We still have many more trees to take down including a very large pine tree that is 80 feet (or more) tall. It’s dangerous work so I have to supervise the pond builder closely.

The chickens are enjoying pumpkins this week. I threw in a smallish pumpkin early in the week and it was gone in a few hours. The pond builder went to the store this morning and bought the chickens some very attractive pumpkins. The latest pumpkin should last them another two days. They also like celery.

The wild turkeys appear to have joined together to form a super flock. They have been walking very close to the house lately. There is a very pretty white turkey among the usual dark brown. Their hearing is quite good and while I try to open the door as quietly as possible to take a photo, they are off and running immediately. The turkeys are not interested in the chickens at all.

The new pond panels are on their way North Carolina. They should be delivered this week and then we can resume work on the pond. The structure in place will have to come down and we’ll start installation of the panels all over. I think we’ll be having the consultant come out to help us put the pond together. It’s too bad we’re getting this outdoor pond going as winter is right around the corner. So many details to think about…

Meanwhile, Japan is open for individual tourists again and the koi dealers are all posting arrivals in Tokyo. Maybe I’ll be purchasing a koi or two over the next two weeks. I’ll probably buy one that is white, red, and black. 😂


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  1. Linda Combs says:

    I feel exhilarated from your photos of Pond Builder sawing and working.

    It makes me So Happy to see him at work like Don and I loved, loved to do on that land!

    Joyful to see you all making many dreams of yours come true!



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