Pond Story 2022

We really had high hopes to have a completed pond by Memorial Day 2022. That idea became the 4th of July Pond. Then we were hoping for a Halloween Pond. I believe I can safely say that our pond should be complete in Spring 2023. My koi will have spent almost two years in our garage. It may not be ideal conditions but they continue to grow and were certainly sheltered from the punishing cold weather we had during Christmas. We have added a few koi to the group but have tried to keep the population low until we have the outdoor pond running.

Our concrete contractor was out today starting on the filtration house lower walls. He won’t be back until next week. Between his flaky schedule, our travels and the set back with the pond walls – it’s been a very long build.

January 2022 – Our little hole in the ground from fall digging.
February 2022 – Waiting for someone to expand upon our hole so the pond builder decides to build some steps for me.
March 2022 – The big dig is completed and there is a lot of dirt to move around.
(early) April 2022 – Our Ocataform panels arrive. Yes we think a Memorial Day pond is within reach. 😂
April 2022 – A koi keeper in the Charlotte area was closing his pond so we purchased his bakki showers.
April 2022 – bought four new bottom drains
May 2022 – Little Horseshoe steps are complete. The pond builder wanted to be done since we’re thinking the pond building tasks will take precedence over random farm projects.
May 2022 – Drains are positioned and the site is prepared for the pouring of the floor.
May 2022 – We were not home while the pond floor was poured. That was a mistake. The pour of the floor was a little on the sloppy side. We also find out a few months later that some of the rebar was not placed correctly.
June 2022 – The concrete contractor starts the task of building with the Octaform panels. He seems kind of slow and the pond builder decides to work on a treehouse while we wait for him to complete the walls.
July 2022 – The concrete contractor completes his installation of panels. It really looks terrible and the pond builder is on the phone with the Octaform team several times.
July 2022 – Octaform sends out a consultant. Based upon what the consultant saw, he recommended we rebuild but not use the concrete contractor to rebuild the wall panels. New panels have to be ordered and put into production. Estimated delivery date, late September. 😩
August 2022 – pond builder finishes the treehouse.
August 2022 – We purchased chickens.
October 2022 – The chickens get a run built for them. Replacement panels have been delayed a few weeks.
Late October 2022 – We start dismantling the wall panels.
October 2022 – Almost done taking the pond apart.
November 5, 2022 – Replacement panels are delivered!! We only needed the interior black pieces since we were reusing the white panels from the earlier build.
November 7 – We have hired the Octaform consultant and pond builder’s son to rebuild the pond walls.
November 8 – We worked all day and slipped in the last piece around 6:00 pm. Pond walls are complete.
November 9 – Concrete team returned to pour the walls. Thankfully no blowouts. Huge relief to get over this hurdle.
November 2022 – Had a lot of extra wood from the frame build so the pond builder decided to build a wood rack in the barn. It conveniently supports a large aquaculture vat.
November 2022 – Once again on the concrete contractor’s flaky schedule. He has pushed some of the dirt back against the walls and will be digging/shaping the equipment house and pergola footings.
December 2022 – Finally, concrete floor for the equipment house and pergola footings.
December 2022 – Since the concrete truck was out, we also scheduled a 12 x 30 pad to be poured behind the barn.
December 27 – The lower walls of the equipment house were begun today. The upper portion of the equipment house will be wood. We haven’t committed ourselves to a specific design before seeing the final footprint. We do need to order another rotary drum filter system. Budget over runs are worse than remodeling a kitchen.

There are so many more tasks to be completed including cleaning the concrete off the walls, grading, starting the outer shell of the pond, landscaping, planning the pergola structure. I saw on a Chinese zodiac page that 2023, the year of the Rabbit, is predicted to be a “year of hope.” Well I’m hoping the pond is running in a few months.

Happy New Year!