Koi inside the house

Ha ha, there are times that I think koi in the house would be pretty cool but one, my house isn’t big enough and two, I think koi should live outdoors. However, you can always enjoy artwork with a koi theme.image This Christmas, my husband gave me a beautiful ceramic serving tray and a koi pendant made by artist Tracie Griffith Tso (www.inksart.com). The tray combines two loves in one – ceramics and koi. While I am definitely not an artist, this piece and just a love for buying ceramics prompted me to sign up for a beginning pottery course and a sumi-e painting course. They start in a few weeks – I’m hoping for an artsy tea mug….  Trying something new, even if you aren’t skilled, it makes life more interesting. Tony (my husband) always encourages me to take chances and broaden my horizons. So surprise yourself – plan a new pond for 2014, try a new hobby, sing loudly even if you are tone deaf – it will make you happy.