watching water

Moving water tends to mesmerize me (perhaps I’m easily amused). I can spend an hour watching the pond, the birds, the squirrels – and that’s in the winter.  Come spring, there are more squirrels, more birds, chipmunks, the waterfall will be running and the koi swimming.  Some may think it’s a waste of time but it’s very relaxing. Many of us are so busy that we complain a great deal about needing a vacation or getting away. Having a little waterfall and koi pond can be a little vaca every day. Click on the photo to see a 15 second clip of my pond this morning.  It’s about -15 degrees and the polar vortex is refusing to move on. The nice thing about winter in Minnesota is that we do get a lot of sunny, albeit cold, days.

1-27-2014 sub-zero sunny morning