happy symbolism

According to a variety of sources on the internet, koi symbolize good fortune, prosperity, success, happiness, harmony, love, perseverance, courage, longevity.  I’m liking this list a lot.  I am hopeful my life will reflect all that the koi symbolize.  Now yesterday, I fractured an ankle – not sure how that reflects the good fortune scenario. Maybe the fact that I don’t have any bones poking out of my skin, I don’t need surgery and I can walk around pretty well with a boot on is the good fortune part. Or maybe it’s a test of perseverance – can I make it through winter without sure footing? Winter keeps piling it on around here – it’s sunny this afternoon but a few hours ago we had a few inches of snow. 48 days until Spring (3.20.2014). IMG_1206 Click on the photo to see this morning’s snow.