Whatever happened to Cha Cha????

Well it was a lot of fun making little movies about Cha Cha but all things usually come to an end. For nineteen days, Cha Cha lived in a plastic bin in our garage. We thought he/she was a goner but Cha Cha started to turn around after two weeks. A little more upright albeit very little movement. Since we had to leave for a trade show in Chicago, we decided to put Cha Cha back into the pond. I didn’t take a photo because it was just me and I was expecting an instantaneous floating koi. Surprisingly Cha Cha swam away into the murky looking water of the winter pond. That’s the last I’ve seen of Cha Cha. I hope to be able to share a photo of Cha Cha with the other koi when we get our pond cleaned up and running. Of course that’s another story with the endless winter conditions in Minnesota….Cha Cha mostly alive