UMKC 2014 Young Champion B – Tarzan the Asagi

Johnny Weismuller says it all: 
This weekend was the Upper Midwest Koi Club’s Annual Koi Show. Lots of volunteer time and I was persuaded to show some koi. 2014 UMKC Show SAT - 006Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  Koi judging is somewhat mysterious to the novice and there are so many things to do when you bring your koi to a venue. It’s a little stressful. 2014 UMKC Koi Show FRI - 001First you have to catch the fish in your pond, pop them into plastic bags and carefully drive them through traffic. Then the benching process starts. The koi are measured, pertinent stats recorded and a photo taken. 2014 UMKC Koi Show FRI - 096The benching team creates judging sheets for the judges. Of course there are other stressful events like a fish jumping out of the tank and flopping around the floor.  Tarzan jumped out in the afternoon and slapped his tail around a bit.The next morning, he didn’t look too bad. The judging takes about 5 hours to judge the various koi, Here are the judges at my tank. 2014 UMKC Show SAT - 108 The results came back, and Tarzan was the Young Champion B.  In the koi world you have Champion A which have to be a Kohaku, Sanke or Showa and Champion B which is any other variety. I also received recognition as a novice. A lot of fun and tired feet after a long weekend.IMG_1361 IMG_1185