Death by bottom drain

imagePoor Takuan…the little chow hound that came home about 6 inches long, is now buried next to the Mugo pines. Around 8:30 pm last night,  the pond digger was brushing some acorn tops towards the bottom drain and accidentally knocked the top off. “I’ll put it back on tomorrow…” Well there are no safety cones for koi in a backyard pond. Eleven hours later, the pond digger is thinking “the bottom drain seems to not be pulling…” Into the pond and getting ready to put the top back on, I am told “I think one of the koi is in the bottom drain.” I am unsure how a 14 inch koi was able to squeeze himself into the  bottom drain pipe but he did not survive his little adventure. Kind of like Augustus Gloop. Lesson number 576…put the bottom drain cover on immediately. image