Another Saturday working on the salt mine

The pond digger is busy with his new filtration system project. Of course it requires him to dig another large hole, another oversized container, fittings, piping, etc. Meanwhile, the pond is busy clearing up on its own. Our friends, Ben and Irv, remind us that we have a lot of filtration going on and we should give a new pond time to establish. And August is algae’s happy month. So between time, minimizing the plant load, messing around with random features, adding bacteria and everything else… Things are looking up. We fail at the scientific method since we changed many variables at once but we can certainly see our koi better. The koi are also eating more nicely since we withheld food from them for two days. Retraining is going good 🙂 image

While pond digger plays with filtration, I put thirty bags of pea gravel on a path today. I never liked the stones that were there and luckily a really nice guy who was thinking about buying some of our rocks on Craigslist, liked these as well. So Jesse dug up our path and took it with the other rocks we no longer needed around our garden. More work to do on the path, like 25 large, flat river jacks and adding moss among the Mexican pebbles. image