Landscaping and little koi

I should probably post this under the 2014 pond but it’s really more about gardening. The plants around the skimmer have been moved a few times and with the new filtration cover, I needed some taller plants. Ornamental grass comes in handy. I also thought that some chrysanthemums might be a nice shot of color. I generally do not plant any annuals but these were pretty inexpensive at Home Depot today.

New plants:



I also noticed that my raspberry canes have some berries on them. Since the deer find our plants an open buffet, I netted the canes. Maybe I’ll get to eat some berries in a few weeks! IMG_2083

The last post I shared two minutes of the large koi feeding…today for insomnia relief I have about a minute of little koi feeding. I think the doitsu (red and white large one) gets them all going…