Playing with Concrete

One nice thing about building a koi pond is that you often surprise yourself discovering skill sets that you have or lack. This weekend the pond digger worked on the hole that will be holding the rotary drum filter, pumps and maybe a moving bed filter. It needed a few more inches all the way around and deeper. Few is a relative term since he worked on it for about 8 hours on Saturday. I got to move more rocks and raked a lot of dirt into the divot tracks the bobcat made the other day.


Today we learned that the pond digger should not be a concrete worker. Just like bobcat driving, we would be homeless if his day job was a concrete worker. He actually did a nice job but it took a little longer than we expected. Me tapping my foot and nagging that we were late to the family Easter dinner was probably not helpful. Another unhelpful situation is when the entire electric concrete mixer goes over the edge into the hole. (This was not my fault…I successfully poured concrete into the hole when asked.) Good thing it’s not too heavy and it didn’t break. I would have taken a photo but we were pressed for time….



By the last bag of concrete, we were finally getting it down. Interested in seeing how our little slab looks in a few days.