Ethel the chagoi should be renamed Hoover. Never misses a meal and begs for food the minute she sees someone near the tank. Her eating habits have made her one of the largest koi that I currently keep. This year I am going to concentrate on getting my koi to grow larger, faster. While they are in the indoor tanks, I have cranked up the heat a little bit to stimulate their appetites. I am feeding them more frequently and I think it shows in the tank holding the little tosai. I’m also keeping them on only one brand of food, Kenzen Koi food. I have tried a variety of koi food and have usually mixed it up. However, Kenzen can be fed to koi even in 36 degree water. I find that my koi can be picky so ensuring that they are eating Kenzen all Spring through Fall should make winter feeding easier. Kenzen Koi food is actually manufactured by a member of the local koi club. Matt Sklar is always one of those guys that I can count on for advice about koi health and the pond digger is always picking his brain about equipment. So Matt has told me that I should notice a difference in my koi this year…We’ll see! IMG_4135
UPDATE 4.9.2015 It only took 28 hours from ordering to delivery!