Busy weekend

We got a lot of work done this weekend. The lower pond’s edge is completed and the little koi seem to like the rock overhangs. One of our tosai was missing and we found Paco in the rotary drum filter. We had recently taken the net out of the skimmer and somehow this koi made it’s way to the RDF. Luckily it didn’t meet the fate of a frog that was found quite dead in the RDF. The upper pond is still green and we’re experimenting with some little panels that might provide more shade in the morning. Today the waterfall was finally restarted. There was a plan to put a second moving bed filter behind the bridge but  the pond digger decided to push all the water through the RDF and established moving bed filter. Our waterfall is smaller this year but it’s also quieter. I’m sure the koi will love it. A lot more left to do but lots of progress this weekend.