we think we’re making progress…

This morning we sadly found Paco definitely dead in the quarantine tank. While he looked pretty good most of the time he was in quarantine, he went to the bottom early last night and never recovered.

Meanwhile, Ika who has been doing the death spiral and playing mostly dead for over a week now was swimming around upright. Honestly this koi should really be dead but appears to have a few lives.

Another small koi, Rome (the goshiki who lost his beni) was found laying around the bottom of the winter pool this morning. Rome looks quite dead but is still breathing and if supported will stay upright momentarily.

Based upon a thought that all the koi are infected with something, every koi was treated with Amikacin. 14 of the 15 koi are now swimming around in the winter pool including Ika. Only Rome is still hanging out in the quarantine tank.

Koiland tonight:

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