Visiting some ponds in Louisville (actually Indiana…)

This weekend we put some wood over the lower pond, threw down some insulation and covered it with a tarp. The pond digger is planning to make something a little more permanent to keep the new pour warm over the winter.img_1196

More photos and videos in the section about pond building…

Meanwhile, this week we’re doing some traveling in Kentucky. I messaged Troy Head, president of the Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Society asking about bourbon and koi (He’s pretty knowledgeable about both) and maybe squeezing in a visit. Troy took some time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with us and talk koi.

We visited two ponds in the greater Louisville area belonging to club members Chris Carter and Don Davis. One thing about koi keeping is that koi keepers are pretty nice people. Every pond has something interesting going on and we can learn so much. Coming from Minnesota, I envy that these two ponds stay pretty cozy and the koi are eating almost all winter.  Two very different ponds with different types of filtration system. Chris uses a RDF and has an insulated equipment house. Don uses a very quiet system of settling tanks and a moving bed filter. I’m hoping the tranquil surface his pond has is something we can do with our pond this year. Check out the two ponds – and thank you, thank you GLKGS koi keepers 🙂