Spring is around the corner (finally)

I’ve been spending most of the week in sunny Las Vegas for a trade show. I can’t wait to have 70 degree weather in Minnesota. Our spring weather seems to be finally coming in with days in the low 50s. My pond digger has been very excited to get out into the yard. Last weekend we got a few major tasks done around the yard. We’ve scared off Mr. And Mrs. Duck again. Every year they visit the pond hoping to establish a little home. The pond digger usually aims a few salt pellets their way and it’s enough to discourage them from returning for the season. Ducks can live around 10 years in the wild, so I’m sure we’ll see them a few more times. No love nests in our ponds please – too poopy and I’m sure the koi wouldn’t like them.
one of the first signs of springs – Mr. & Mrs. Duck arrive
We were too late to have our oak trees trimmed but our overgrown silver maple was still in the window to be trimmed. The tree service did a great job lopping off one of the major trunks and cutting back a lot of branches. I really hate all the little things that land on my driveway during the spring and some of our grass has had difficulty growing in the shade the last few years. We’ve been planting trees as well since we think we have a few trees that might need to be taken down over the next few years.
Our large silver maple which has not been professionally trimmed is cut back
Work on the lower pond consisted of making another concrete pad for the new filtration equipment. The pond digger likes to pour concrete. I helped a little but I’m not very good at putting in a consistent amount of water into the mixer so one batch was a tad dry and another a little on the wet side. (I think it all evens out in the long run.) A conduit for the electric cords was put in under the concrete and he made some drain thingy. He’s getting pretty good at pouring concrete for small projects – maybe I should see if he wants to tackle a pathway in our gardens.
more concrete work
After the pond digger pressure washed our bamboo fence sections and the equipment house, we did some staining. The deck of the equipment house is similar to our shed color and we did the contrast in a slate stain, similar to the black trim on our shed. We’re thinking about staining the bamboo, but I’m not sure. I don’t think bamboo takes stain very well. We’ll also have to think about staining the shade structure over the lower pond.
Staining some of the structures we put up last year
We’re looking forward to a warm weekend coming up so more garden work is ahead of us. Most of our plants have been unwrapped and I feel they will not become deer food. you can never tell for sure but I have my fingers crossed!