New koi

The box of fun finally arrived today via Delta Dash. I have two koi sourced through Kevin Pham of Genki Nishikigoi – a Kohaku and a Showa. Their shipping was not without a few glitches. Originally they were to be shipped in April but the Delta melt down made me reconsider flying them out. We don’t do FedEx because FedEx managed to kill two large koi through mishandling the year before. Once we decided to ship, Delta ignored a container and Kevin went back to the airport to collect them up, let them rest and reshipped a few days later. After three trips to the airport, Mio and Abbott finally made a flight to Minneapolis.

I’m not usually a kohaku buyer but all the real koi people love them. Maybe one day I’ll love them too. They really are quite beautiful. Kevin sent me videos of koi while I was bedridden late last summer. When you have nothing to do but surf the internet all day, buying a koi seems pretty interesting. He sent me a video of this koi going into the mud pond and a still photo. Kevin waxed eloquently about its merits and I decided, “why not?” Mio looked pretty good coming out of the mud in the fall and I’m very pleased seeing her in person. She’s very calm and moves gracefully. Abbott the Showa is for the pond builder. I had mentioned to my koi dealers that I was looking for showa koi to study this year. Kevin sent a little video of some koi in a bowl and said “here’s a nice showa for Tony…I picked it out for him.” Well how could I refuse? Mio came to the United States from Japan late 2016 and Abbott arrived around February 2017. They have been enjoying the hospitality of Genkikoi in San Jose, California and now they will be living in Little Siberia.

All of the koi are doing well waiting patiently for spring to arrive. As long as they are fed, they seem pretty happy. I’m looking forward to more koi coming home in the next few weeks. Costello, my very lovely Dainichi Showa, sourced from Koi Acres will be coming home over Mother’s Day…and Lily, the Omosako Shiro Utsuri living at Koi Acres will come home in June. Koi Acres will be having a koi auction in June and there might be another koi or two that makes it way to Little Siberia –

Other little creatures are also thriving on the property…

Vida and ChiChi are doing well outside in their coop. They eat twice as much as the recommended amount on their feed bag. 🤔
A stray turkey is wandering around the front yard tonight…
and two small rabbits are still under the garden shed 🙁

Now if the weather would cooperate we can get the pond work finished, move the koi outdoors and finish all the other “to do in the yard” tasks!